August 2020 Electric Truck Roundup

There has been lots of movement in the EV Truck world in the last few months and the amount of ongoing projects to bring to market electric trucks are growing by the month!  Time for a round up of the top electric trucks projects, their specs, timelines, and latest information. 


Tesla's Cybertruck


The Cybertruck is a good place to start, as it is arguably the most popular and most highly anticipated(that right Electrek, come at me)  electric truck planned.  This Tesla truck was announced in Q4 of last year, and since then, the specs, pricing, and timelines have largely stayed the same. 

Here is what we know:


Single Motor 

Dual motor 

Tri Motor






250+ mi 300+ mi 500+ mi
Towing Capacity
7,500+ lbs 10,000+ lbs 15,000+ lbs
Price 39,900+ USD 49,900+ USD 69,900+ USD


Delivery timeline: Late 2021 for dual & tri motor, 2022 for single motor

The biggest update that we have with regards to the Cybertruck are from random tweets from Elon over time, as well as the recent announcement that Tesla has chosen to produce the Cybertruck in the newly announced, and currently under construction Tesla factory in Austin, Texas

Updates from Elon by way of tweets include:

  • Ability to float, temporarily
  • Steel can be tempered to different colors 
  • Likely will later offer smaller variant 

Another highly anticipated update that relates to the Cybertruck will be it's range, which we can expect an update on, at battery day on September 22nd.


Rivian's R1T

Another long time(relatively, for this space) player in this much anticipated market is Rivian.  Rivian has been focused on it's SUV and Truck, the R1T since their day one, and while the specs and pricing haven't significantly changed, the timelines have.  Here is the latest on what we know about Rivian's R1T:

  1. <3s 0-60
  2. 400+ mi Range
  3. Quad motors
  4. 11,000lb towing capacity
  5. 3ft wading capability
  6. 180kWh battery 
  7. 69,000+ USD

Delivery timeline: June 2021

A fun update that we've seen in recent months is the "tank turn", which utilizes the quad motors, for some interesting behavior.  See video here.


Lordstown Motors' Endurance

After initially planning on beating Tesla's Cybertruck to market(view here), Lordstown Motors CEO has announced that they currently plan on unveiling the product officially this summer, and having the first vehicles hit the road in January 2021.  This is still a very aggressive timeline, particularly considering the much longer timelines other companies seem to take, at least from unveiling to shipping. 

It's clear that Lordstown Motors is focused on fleets rather than individual consumers, with their focus on cost, low maintenance(fewest moving parts), website comparisons, and the delivery priority.

Despite the lack of an official unveiling, Lordstown has listed specs of their Endurance and is accepting reservations on the website. 

Here is what we know:

  1. 250+ mi Range
  2. Quad motors (1 for each tire)
  3. 7,500lb towing capacity
  4. Software limited 80mph top speed
  5. 52,500+ USD

Delivery Timelines: January 2021 for fleets (individuals to follow) 

Bollinger Motors' B2 Truck

Bollinger Motors is a bit on the quiet side when it comes to drama, breaking news, and attention grabbing headlines.  That doesn't mean they're not making progress on building their B2, a truck designed for a well-off niche in the electric truck market.  The B2, with pricing starting at $125,000 USD, will be produced in quantities significantly smaller than any of the other manufacturers hope to.  Here is what we know so far: 

  1. <4.5s 0-60
  2. 200mi range
  3. Dual motors
  4. Easily removable doors, roof, glass, etc.
  5. 7,500lb towing capacity
  6. 100mph top speed
  7. 125,000 USD

Delivery timeline: Beginning in 2021

GMC's Electric Hummer 

GMC is reviving the Hummer brand, and making the line(later to include an SUV) entirely electric.  This made some splashes when it was initially teased in a Lebron James-featured commercial during the last Superbowl.

Details on the website and specs remain fairly vague at the moment, with the official unveiling and pre-ordering opening in Fall 2020. 

Here is what we know so far:

  1. <3s 0-60
  2. Up to 1k HP
  3. Single, dual, and tri-motor variants
  4. Easily removable doors, roof, glass, etc.
  5. Up to11,500 ft-lb torque

Delivery timeline: TBD

Since we're fairly light on details at the moment, our guess is that most of the "up to" statements will apply to only the tri-motor variant, with more modest specs for the single and dual motors.  

Nikola's Badger

Trevor Milton and Nikola have made many splashes in the recent few months, particularly after their IPO.  While much of the recent news and hype have been around Nikola's site construction, garbage truck deal, and financials(or lack thereof), there was a fair share of conversation and announcements earlier around their truck, the Nikola Badger. 

The Badger will be available as a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle or a purely battery-electric vehicle with the fuel cell available as an upgrade after purchase.  It is available for preorder on Nikola's website now, and the prototype will be officially shown at Nikola world in December 2020.  

Here is what we know so far:

  1. 2.9s 0-60
  2. 600mi range (300 battery, 300 fuel cell)
  3. Dual motors
  4. 8,00lb towing capacity
  5. Up to 980 ft-lb torque

Delivery timeline: TBD

Pricing, timelines, and further specs are still unknown, but we look forward to seeing the prototype in Q4, and hearing some of these details.


Ford's Electric F-150 

Ford, a major investor in Rivian, is dipping their toes into the world of electric trucks, with a gasoline-electric hybrid first, for one of the 2021 F-150 models. This is reported to include a 35-kW electric motor.  In 2022, the F-150 will add a true battery-electric drivetrain truck to its lineup. 

Initially, Ford aimed to produce it's fully electric model in 2021, but those timelines have since slipped into the currently planned 2022 lineup.  

Prototype unveiling, specs, or timelines, and more are sure to follow, but details and information from Ford are fairly opaque thus far.   

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